Wash Day @ 1 Week Post Relaxer

Exactly one week. I've, been enjoying my hair this time. I can't understand why I didn't use  the ORS lye relaxer earlier.

I've had some co washes in between to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. I, now, wash once a week and co wash once a week. See here for my co wash results.
This wash was started by me and completed by my stylist. I'd intended doing it in the evening but I got caught in the early morning rains so I opted to get the wash as soon as I could.

[1] Prepoo: using virgin coconut oil which I  generously applied to the scalp and hair and covered with deep conditioning cap for 2 hours

[2] Conditioners: washed the hair with forever living aloe jojoba rinsing conditioner mixed with Aussie moist conditioner for a protein-moisture balance. It still had about a teaspoon full of roux porosity control conditioner which I mixed with water for a rinse.
I used rain water to wash out the conditioners in my kitchen sink. I didn't want to wait till my poly tank was filled with tap water.

[3] Deep conditioner: I applied Creme of Nature Argan oil intense treatment for 10 minutes  followed up with Keracare humecto mixed with Aussie moist conditioner and about 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil for 15 minutes.
[4] Leave in: A mixture of Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in  and Aussie hair insurance leave in
[5] Styling: went over to my stylist for foam roller sets but air dried till this  morning. 


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