Wash Day: Old Habits Die Hard!

[1] Prepoo: overnight treatment with virgin coconut oil

[2] Shampoo: Lathered twice with ORS hairepair sulfate free shampoo, and once with diluted Creme of Nature detangling shampoo

[3]Protein treatment: I applied Creme of Nature intensive treatment and covered with deep conditioning cap for about an hour- because I was too hungry to continue lol

[4]Moisture treatment: Keracare humecto mixed with virgin coconut oil, almond and hemp oil and Aussie moist conditioner; covered with deep conditioning cap for hours-didn't time it.

[5] Leave in: Aussie hair insurance leave in and beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in

[6] T-shirt dried for about 10 minutes

[7]sealing: ORS hairepair oil

8] Air dried

Wash day notes:
I'd wanted to use only the ors hairepair shampoo but after lathering twice, my hair still didn't feel clean enough for me that's why I used the CON shampoo. Right now, honestly, am confused.

  • I might be accustomed to the CON shampoo that's why I didn't appreciate the hairepair shampoo.
  •  I hadn't used a shampoo in a while so it might probably be build up.
  • I prepooed and that could be a factor
I'm trying to figure out a way to keep my current regimen and still incorporate the sulfate free shampoo into it. Check out these wash day posts for a better idea of what am working with.
Week 3: Co wash
Week 2: Co wash

Any suggestions?
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