You Know Ghanaian Women Naturally Have Short Hair

So why bother to grow it? Have you heard that before? I do on a daily basis especially when I hung out at my stylist's place. Our lack of healthy hair practices isn't our fault, most of our hair dressers are more to be blamed. They should have the requisite knowledge to handle our hair after school. Yet, it's the opposite.

Initially, I would try to explain why that assessment was false. Oh! The energy I invested into that was just great! However, maturity has taught me better. Instead of explaining, I use pictures to prove that it's not true. Pictures of Gh ladies growing healthy long hair as well as other blacks doing the same thing.

If you have a friend with that mentality or who thinks that you are blessed with plenty hair, naturally, it's quite frustrating but don't let it get to you. When you grow past Shoulder length, you will start getting curious people wondering how you were able to grow your 'brenya' hair (suffer to get hair). I got that on several occasions- what have you been eating, what products do you use, show me the hair food you use, etc.

Our family members could also have those thoughts about our now 'short' hair. Why are you bothering yourself to wash this small hair? Why are you spending money on buying those products? No matter what you do, that hair will remain short so stop wasting money and time on it! Well, I know you may want to give them your piece of mind but DON'T! Keep quite, smile and move on. With time, they will see how dark your hair is, how strong it is and of course, the increase in length. One time, I was combing my hair outside the room when a family friend kept staring at my hair and the motions of the comb. She was surprised to see no hair in the comb and waited to see what I'll apply to the hair so she could get one. All she say was ordinary oil! She came up to me and asked how I managed to have no hair in the comb. I told her four basic things: I use a steaming cream weekly, I apply leave in regularly,  use oils after applying moisturizer or leave in and I stretch the period of my relaxers.

My hubby has always been a fan of long hair. I used to have 'supposedly long hair'- shoulder length which was obviously damaged. When I cut my hair the first time, there was no way he would believe the hair could get back to its previous length. However, time and dedication showed him otherwise. He now so well vexed in matters of hair care that he is able to tell when someone does a hair 'no,no' eg wearing flexi rods to a friend's party or work place lol.

I hope you do believe that we, Ghanaians, do not have short hair naturally!


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