Hair Wash: One Week After Relaxer

The past week has been uneventful; not really moisturizing as I ought to but I did pay some attention to my edges.
For the wash:
[1] Prepoo: Virgin coconut oil, almond and hemp oil for half of the day.

[2] Shampoo: ORS hairepair invigorating shampoo. Lathered once and the hair was super soft and smooth!

[3] Deep condition: Last drop of keracare humecto mixed with Aussie moist conditioner and oils for about 2 hours under a deep conditioning cap

[4] Air dried for some hours till hair was about 80% dry. I applied beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in mixed in olive oil- that seems to make moisturising and sealing easier.

That's my hair after moisturizing and sealing.

How was your wash day?


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