How Do I Reach My Goals Quickly?

A reader asked me this question and I had only one answer: you'll get there as long as your hair grows and you can retain that growth!. 

  • Yes, I understand the urge and desire to see that long hair you see on other ladies. 
  • I understand that you want to have that long hair quickly so that people will stop asking you why you do what you do to your hair. 
  • You want to prove to your friends that God didn't give you short hair naturally. 
  • You want to reap the benefits of your long hours of wash days quickly.
  • You want to see the fruit of your products quickly
All these and more are factors that influence the desire to reach our hair goals as soon as possible yet nature has limits for us. Look at how plants grow; from seedling to maturity could take as long as 5 years for you to reap the fruits. The same applies to our hair; there's a season for everything and in due season, you will get that long hair you want!

Instead of focusing on when you will reach your goal, keep your eyes on retention, avoiding setbacks and especially, switching products frequently aka being a product junkie. You can live in the present and enjoy your hair at every length so you can also inspire someone. I think that when you can relate to someone who is at neck length because you've been there before, you get a great sense of satisfaction.

I appreciate each hair goal I've achieved so far and I pray you also enjoy this journey!


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