How To Sleep With Hair Net

Confused? I know all the talk about night routine has been using silk or satin cap/bonnet. Ladies may have thrown their nets somewhere thinking it's not useful.

I've a recycling attitude- see what I use as spray bottle. As I was rearranging my stuff in the room, I discovered my discarded hair net and  I had a eureka moment! If I wake up with my scarf or bonnet off my head, what's being protected? I started with pondering over how the net could help solve this problem.

I wanted to preserve moisture, something like green house effect so I put on a deep conditioning cap. Then, it occurred to me that the net over the cap will prevent the cap from coming off!!!

I did just that and jumped onto my bed.

The following test was on my satin bonnet and then my scarf.

Don't discard your local hair net just yet! When doing overnight Prepoo, daytime deep conditioning whilst sleeping, etc, this is an effective method to ensure 100% protection for your pillow or bed.


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