Relaxer Update+ Co Wash [Update]

Am exactly 6 months post big chop now!! Hurray!!
I got the hair relaxed as per my resolve to do short stretches till I can do a ponytail.

I had a lot of growth so my hair is still safe.
[1]based my edges and scalp with a petroleum based oil

[2] Sectioned the hair into four and applied relaxer to only new growth
[3]Smoothed for a few minutes and sat down for about 15 minutes

[4] Neutralized 3x with Ors aloe shampoo

[5]Applied kanechom chocolate and sat down for an hour- just relaxing, no particular reason for that.

[6] My stylist says the hair was soft so I take it that the kanechom chocolate is a light protein product. She applied Aussie moist conditioner- I wanted to be sure the hair remained soft.

[7]After rinsing, I opted for cool air blow drying so she sprayed my mix of Aussie hair insurance and beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in and water. Blow dried a bit and added coconut oil and did a thorough blow drying.
We wanted to roller set but I knew I'd co washed the next day where I could really see the results.
In the night, I applied jbco to my scalp, added coconut oil to the length of the hair and a bit of ors vital oils to mask the smell of those two oils, covered with deep conditioning cap and hair net.

Went to my stylist, co washed with Aussi moist conditioner and applied leave in mix. Got under the dryer at 6pm when we had our lights back.

My phone's camera quality doesn't work well in this our cloudy weather but these should do.

I must say that I look forward to bunning again with my own hair; for now, bun with extensions will suffice. I've been super lazy with the edges but am going to get back into action before it gets worse.


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