Why Are You At The Same Length?

To The Blogger

New readers tend to ask me this question a lot. I've been blogging for close to 3 years now and they expect that I should be at  least bras trap length by now.  Well, I do what I feel is necessary to have healthy hair. It's always being health for me because it came with length-something I see in my progress pictures. I'll tackle this question from two angles: my hair and that of others.

I've had numerous mini chops and two big chops since I started blogging; that is the main reason for my 'non-progressing' hair.
I won't say I don't miss my length before the latest cut but I did what I thought was best for my hair. I absolutely hated the state of the hair and as much as I tried to hold on to it, I couldn't deal with wasting products on something that wasn't working.

For my some new readers, it seems I only started my hair journey a few weeks ago because of the length I have. It doesn't seem to encourage them as years of growth should reflect in length. Well, there isn't much I can say to motivate you if you judge people's knowledge of hair care by their length. A lot of hair bloggers have gone through setbacks but it doesn't mean they don't know what they are about. Instead of judging hair journeys based on length, focus on how you will learn from others in order to achieve your goals.

For The Reader
On the other hand, when readers ask me why they aren't experiencing length, I first of all ask them about their regimen.I do address some of these issues in my wash day posts as well as regular posts so I won't spend too much time on it but here are a few pointers.
  •  Some do not have necessary products, others use the wrong products, and some don't even have a regimen! 
  • If you have a regimen, you need to examine the kind of products you have. My experience with protein-moisture balance has been a major source of knowledge with regard to breakage. Also, clarifying and chelating seem to be lacking in people's regimen.
  • Aside that, you also need to scrutinize your protective styles- not all styles are protective.
  • Work with the changing weather-each season has a unique impact on your hair
  • Don't use a lot of products at a time so you can easily determine what does/doesn't work
  • Check your overall health-I struggle with low energy whenever I skip my multivitamins. Deficiency in some vitamins can cause hair loss thereby affecting your length.


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