Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Relaxer Review

Full name: Dark and lovely amla legend rejuvenating ritual No-mix No-lye relaxer
Regular/ super for normal to coarse hair.

For ladies that can't view the video, the text review is below the video.

There was also a pair of gloves for the application.
My Thoughts
1. No mix so application is less messy and faster.
2. Smell: Sweet smell like the other amla products
3. Quantity: Enough for two applications; I prefer more than one use so you get better value for your money.
4. No burns
5. Rinses out easily
6. Accompanying products were enough for two uses. Came in double packs except the 3-in-1 shampoo which is in a bottle.
7. Didn't leave the hair hard and crunchy like I feared and I verified this by co washing the next day. The hair was soft compared to my last experience with no-lye where co washing and shampooing later couldn't restore moisture into the hair.
8. Strength: This is a double edge sword because you don't need to add oils and stuff to it if you want to texlax. Simply applying and rinsing will do the job. I sat down for almost 20 minutes for it to process as I didn't want too much texture.
9. Clear and detailed application instructions. In fact, I learnt new things about relaxing! Very educative and informational.
10. Self relaxing ladies can easily work with this since there's almost everything you need in the box.

Overall: I might probably switch to it!
 Rate: 5 stars!!


  1. Where do I get amla hair relaxer in Ghana?

  2. Where do I get amla hair relaxer in Ghana?


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