My Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Mix

Lately, dealing with protein- moisture balance seems to be a dicey thing for my fellow hair pilgrims.
Haven struggled with this same headache for years now, I do understand the frustrations that come with finding the perfect balance.

For the past 6 months, I haven't had any negative encounter with protein overload. To achieve this, I've stuck to using a purely moisturizing deep conditioner- keracare humecto. I mean absolutely no protein in it nor the Aussie moist conditioner.

My mix

  • Keracare humecto [see my review here]

  • Aussie moist conditioner (catch my review here)

Almond oil
Hemp oil
Olive oil

I will be getting other "pure" moisturizing deep conditioners if I come across one. I've seen some mizani products in a shop; will check it out.
What is your moisturizing deep conditioner mix?


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