Relaxer Update: Last but One for the year.

This relaxer went very smoothly; better than I anticipated.
The reason being that I was using a different relaxer,- dark and lovely amla legend no lye relaxer( will post a full review this weekend).
1. I had done a protein treatment during my last wash so the hair was strengthened.
2. I had been using only oils on the hair because I wanted to be prepared for any on the spot decision to relax or braid
3. My stylist parted the hair into four sections and applied the relaxer to only new growth using the dark and lovely amla legend scalp protector.
4. Applied the dark and lovely amla legend no mix no-lye relaxer and smoothed it once with a comb.
5. Sat down for some minutes and rinsed.
6. Applied dark and lovely amla legend 3-in-1 shampoo and rinsed it off.
7. Applied dark and lovely hair mask and left it on for some minutes.
8. Applied MVP leave in and sheabutter.
9. Roller set.

Basing the scalp with scalp protector


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