Wash day: 6 weeks post relaxer

It's been quite a learning experience having a baby and am glad I tucked the hair away during the transition from pregnancy to labour and aftermath. The cornrows served me very well.

Anyway, since am wearing my own hair out, it's prudent to get rollersets to stretch the new growth. I want to avoid direct heat so salon wash has been the go to saviour. This week's wash went pretty well.
1. Prepoo: Overnight with virgin coconut oil.

2. Shampoo: ors hairepair invigorating shampoo.

3. Deep condition: Treated the hair with Dark and lovely amla rejuvenating mask under hooded dryer for 15 minutes

4. Colour Treatment: Used affirm semi permanent black colour and sat under hooded dryer for almost 10 minutes.

5. Shampooed and used regular conditioner for final rinse.

6. Leave ins: Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in and Aussie hair insurance leave in

7. Rollerset: using just water and pink rollers.

8. Sealing: virgin coconut oil

I might just add 6 more weeks to the stretch with the way the hair has been easy to handle.

I've started applying groganics liquid scratch sparingly to the scalp so I can work my way to more vigorous use when post partum shedding starts.
I try to put jbco on the edges and all I need to do now is to be very consistent.


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