Wash Day: Possible Relaxer Prep

Because am still on the fence about relaxing. I rather feel more inclined to get the hair tucked away again. Whichever way, I did use a protein deep conditioner to strengthen the hair for either situation.

[1] Prepoo: overnight with virgin coconut oil

[2] Shampoo: ors hairepair invigorating shampoo.

[3] Protein: Kanechom chocolate for 30 minutes. Rinsed and towel dried for about 5 minutes.

[4] Leave in/Sealing: beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in mixed with glycerin and ORS hairepair vital oils.

[5] Styling: Airdried.
My hair was very soft and smooth. Am not a fan of glycerin yet somehow, I came across other relaxed ladies who use it successfully which prompted me to give it a try again. I'll see how the hair feels during the week.

In other news, my edges are in such a terrible state that if I don't faithfully apply jbco, my postpartum shedding at those places will be horrific. Now that am back home, am trying to use it daily.

I'll also be making onion plus garlic shampoo as well as brewing some tea for rinses. I think I also have some rosemary leaves I can add to the tea plus the last bit of burdock root. In my archives, I have a series on oils and herbs for hair which I'm going to incorporate into my regimen.It's against this background that I don't want to tuck my hair away.

The reason why I want to tuck the hair away is due to laziness! Yes, sheer laziness in handling my hair because am so used to buns and since I can't do that, well, I don't feel any motivation to deal with it daily.

Let's see what happens over the coming days.


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