Emergency Wash

Totally unplanned yet necessary because I had an unpleasant experience with the groganics liquid scratch. Let me clarify:

I've been moisturizing with the liquid scratch daily but I didn't spray much. It so happens that I bathe my boy now so the heat caused a lot of sweating.
That dripped down on my face and neck and that was when I experienced a burning sensation! After 2 baths, I couldn't tolerate the burning so I took down the cornrows.

I wet the hair with warm water and clarified with ors aloe shampoo 2x and even the water dripping down caused some burning on my face and in my eyes!I washed my face with FC blemish control soap to get rid of that.  I rinsed the hair with warm water 2x and applied black tea rinse.

As soon as the rinse hit my hair, the hair started clumping up! I couldn't even pass my hands through the hair. I squeezed out the excess tea and applied dark and lovely amla legend rejuvenating mask. I was skeptical about this product undoing the matted and tangled hair but that's the only moisturizing DC I have. Ladies, immediately I applied the deep conditioner to a section, the hair felt buttery! I covered with deep conditioning cap and when I was rinsing the DC out, I realized not clarifying regularly is a crime against my hair.

.My hair was smooth, soft, and I loved every bit of the rejuvenating mask! I have a last trial with it before I review it. I air dried till about 70% and applied beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in and the African pride moisturizing lotion. I wanted to boost the moisture in the hair thus I covered with a deep conditioning cap and satin bonnet for the night.  I sealed with my oil mix next morning. I'm officially off braids because with my own hair, I can wash regularly so i can still use the liquid scratch.

On a positive note, the shedded hair after detangling was about 15 strands! This the reason why I won't discontinue the liquid scratch.

I may co wash before Friday or just do regular wash during the weekend.


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