Hair Update: One week in cornrows

I mean the current cornrows. I'll be attempting a wash on Wednesday. It's my hope that washing will kill the desire to take down my style quickly.
I've been battling with style boredom for what seems eternity and am still searching for ways to kill that habit.

I oil the scalp with Jamaican black castor oil every 2 days and spray the hair with groganics liquid scratch.

I've selected my next protective style with extensions but that could come at the end of the year, after the last relaxer.

By my estimates, by the time I hit 6 weeks post relaxer, my ponytail will be fuller thus I can wear a bun with extension; something I long to do again which will also allow me to both protect and enjoy the hair.

Of course, I'll attempt creating styles with my hair including perm rod set.

I fell in love with this style and since I have traveling plans, it will be an awesome style to rock!

Current style


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