I Dyed My Hair Black Again!

All by myself since I can't afford to spend time at the salon. My baby needs me more lol!
Anyway, I did this about a week ago but didn't have pictures of the results but I do now.

I, first, co washed with Aussie moist conditioner (see review on YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena). Then, sectioned the hair into four. I prefer using black poly bag to apply the dye because when the dye touches the gloves, the gloves feel sticky. I used the affirm semi permanent black color- review on my youtube channel.

After application, I covered my hair with three layers of deep conditioning caps for 3 hours. I rinnsed the dye out and co washed again. I loved the feel and look of the hair!
These are pictures taken this week. The next application is in 3 weeks.


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