Mid Week Co Wash

As I disclosed in my previous wash day post, the focus was on moisture.
1. Prepoo: coconut oil mixed with essential oil and other oils.
2. Steam: sat under my Secura hair steamer for 10 minutes and then covered for extra 2 hours with deep conditioning cap. I applied lukewarm water before conditioning.
3. Conditioner: Aussie moist
4. Deep conditioner: Dark and lovely amla oil rejuvenating mask for 5 minutes[ I have 2 more ways to use this before I share my views] I'd wanted to tea rinse but I forgot!
5. Leave in: beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in
6. Sealing: black seed oil mixed with other oils.
7. Styling: covered the hair with wig cap- stays on the head better.

I might get cornrows with extensions to give my hair a break from daily manipulation especially combing. I hope to wash it this time- something I haven't done before. This co wash has thus strengthened the hair for the cornrows.


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