Postpartum Hair: Minimizing Shedding

As requested, I'll be sharing the state of my hair as the weeks go by.

Currently, the hair is still thick and feels well moisturized. The one difference I notice is the better retention of moisture nowadays compared to during the pregnancy.

I've already put my postpartum hair plan into action.

*Incorporating black tea rinses upon EVERY wash be it co wash or full wash or even salon wash. I use the lipton yellow tea

Using a hair loss treatment in the form of the groganics dht blocker system. Though I don't like the tingling effect, I'm going to keep using it but being careful as not to have the face and neck burns I have experienced recently. I don't want my baby boy being affected when placed on my shoulders or touching my face.

* Essential oils in my prepoo mix. This consists of black seed oil, jbco, sheabutter cottage eucalyptus essential oil, almond oil, hemp oil, virgin coconut oil and olive oil if I remember correctly. I prepoo both with co washing and full wash.

*Added jbco to my sealing oil and also daily application of jbco to the edges
*Taking a prenatal- am almost out of the current one so I will restock very soon.
*Using my steamer. Except for days I will clarify, I want to try and steam the hair especially with prepoo to hydrate the strands.

*Coffee or green tea leave in; these don't leave my hair hard so am going to use it. I need to find an empty spray bottle( left the other one somewhere). I intend spraying the green tea or coffee before moisturizing and sealing. The logic is if instant rinsing with them reduces shedding, then, regular leave in should be more potent.
***Staying away from extensions! It's a battle keeping off those but I will try. This means getting more products down since tucked away hair means less use of products and free hair means more use. It doesn't mean the hair will be out 24/7 but rather, protective styling minus braids, cornrows, weaves but with wigs sometimes. I'll share my styles as I do them.

This may seem much but some have already become part of my routine now. Besides, I am at home now so I better take advantage of that to nurture and maintain this gorgeous tresses.
Any other advice for me?


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