Wash Day @4 Weeks; What A Blast!

Alright, why didn't someone tell me blow drying in small sections is the boom.com?
Here's what happened
[1] Prepooed for 2 hours under 2 deep conditioning caps.

[2] Shampooed once with ORS hairepair invigorating shampoo.
[3] Applied kanechom chocolate and popped on my long time friend- my white beanie and went off to my stylist for a rollerset.

Nature threw a curve at me because none of the 3 salons at my was working! I went home, grabbed my blow dryer and decided to add something special- patience.

I added my beautiful textures tangle taming leave in and Aussie hair insurance leave in. I added my oil mix.

I sectioned the hair into 4, and further sectioned each one into 3. I used the comb attachment and started the blow drying from end to root. By the time I was done, I was doing a happy dance! My hair was not just soft, it was sleek, and the ends weren't dry like they usually do when I blow dry.

Now that I've solved my blow drying difficulties, I can incorporate tension blow dry into my routine for longer stretches.
It's been 12 hours since I blow dried and my hair still feels moisturized. I will moisturize with African Pride miracle anti breakage moisturizer lotion during the week since I don't plan on co washing till the next wash.

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