Wash Day; Uncharted Territory!

The September wash day experience starts with the theme of uncharted territory-

Intended  arsenal

I did move into a new territory in terms of adding a new product to the wash arsenal as well as making use of a new technique. Let's see:

1) Prepoo: Mixture of hemp oil, virgin coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and the new item,eucalyptus essential oil. This is the first time am using an essential oil. Since I added it to the entire bottle of oil mix, it's come to stay unless I find something wrong with it. I covered the hair with a deep conditioning cap and went about my chores.
2) Shampoo: used a satchet of this shampoo which claims it's pH balanced. Cleansed once with ORS hairepair shampoo
3)Rinse: Did black tea rinse but didn't wash it out.

4) Deep Condition: Applied Kanechom chocolate on top of the black tea and left on for 30 minutes. Went under my Secura steamer for a while(finally have a place to use it).
5)Rinsed and intended using the keracare humecto and Dark and Lovely amla legend rejuvenating mask but had to attend to my family so I skipped. I'll do the moisture deep conditioning in the next wash.
6)Towel dried and applied my two leave ins and air dried.
7) Sealing: used a mix of black seed oil, jbco, virgin coconut oil, and olive oil
8)Styling: a kind of "wash n go"- something I've always wanted
to try on this hair.


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