Wash Day:3 Weeks Post relaxer

[1] Prepoo: Applied Eucalyptus oil mix and sat under steamer for some minutes.

[2] Shampoo: ORS hairepair invigorating shampoo( my review here)

[3] Protein Deep condition: Applied Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor for 5 minutes under deep conditioning cap

[4] Rinse:Black tea rinse

[5]Moisture Deep condition: Dark and lovely amla legend rejuvenating mask mixed with oils. This product has come to stay!

[6] Leave in: Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in
[ Styling: I'd planned doing my own blow drying for the first time this year. Unfortunately, we had an unexpected rolling black out so I went to bed with the damp hair.
Verdict: my hair felt soft, fluffy and smooth! Co washing comes off on hopefully Tuesday. Am now searching for a moisturizing DC that is inexpensive but in a big tube so I can add mid week dc. I can't afford to use the keracare humecto or the amla legend dc. What comes to mind is the queen Helene cholesterol, the dark and lovely cholesterol which I think will be safe for me as I don't use protein products a lot.
Any suggestions?

Length check?  I blow dried next morning.


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