4 Short Hairstyles

Is your short; ear length, or even chin length? These are four short hairstyles I've tried over the past few weeks. With my ear length hair, I know there are challenges with styling which other ladies would also be experiencing. Well, those days are over! I've put together four simple yet elegant styles you can rock with ear length.

For my ladies who can't watch the video, See the pictures below the video.

[youtube]Insert video URL or ID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1ZM6k4U6Rg&list=UUM6BrVvG2vy0gBWUwDn74rQ[/youtube]

Let me know when you try any of these styles. Which one is your favourite? Do check my youtube channel for more tutorials. you can also see more styles in my wash day posts


  1. nana baffoe1:25 pm

    i tried the third pic myself, will like you to do more tutorials on hair styling


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