Allergic Reaction Or Normal Itch?

For the past 3 days my scalp has been itching like it's out of it's mind!
I would blame myself if it turns out to be a reaction to the black dye as indicated on the instructional manual. I was supposed to do a test on my skin yet because I presumed the semi permanent worked well, and because I have never reacted negatively to any hair product, I assumed I could get away with this too. Smh!
Clarifying the hair should have stopped it; that didn't work. Am out of apple cider vinegar too( why didn't I pick one up when I went to the mall this week?)

I will get myself to the salon for another shampoo to see how it will feel else I might shampoo the daylight out of the dye in this hair!

Even as am typing, the crazy itch persists all over my scalp! I'll see if I can get regular vinegar to try.
On another note, sorry for any inconvenience caused as a result of the changes in the layout of the blog. There are a few more changes to come so please bear with me. I hope all will be settled by this weekend.


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