An Unusual Wash Day @ 5 Weeks Post

When you have so much to do within a short time and your brain goes into absent-minded mood, you miss your routine!
This wash was done in the evening.

I set out to clarify the hair just to reduce the dye quantity- wanted a more natural look. As I stood in front of my product drawer, I ,unconsciously grabbed kanechom chocolate and slandered it on the hair. During the application, I, then, remembered my initial purpose.

I, still, massaged hair with the kanechom for about 2 minutes and rinsed.See my review of the kanechom chocolate Here

2. Washed with ORS aloe shampoo; the dye started bleeding again.
3. Followed with roux porosity control conditioner[review here] for about 5 minutes. Towel dried for 5 minutes.
4. Deep conditioned with queen Helene cholesterol [review here]for 15 minutes.

5. Air dried till 80% dry and applied African Pride sheabutter leave in. Sealed with oil mix.
6. I simply tied down the hair with a silk scarf and called it a night!

Share your wash day experience here


  1. Lawrencia1:53 pm

    sounds like a very quick wash day


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