Beautiful Textures Tangle tamer leave in review

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For those who can't view the video, here's
the text.
Purchased: 22gh

My Thoughts
1) Slip: enough to allow for easy spread. I haven't used it for detangling because once it sinks into the hair, the slip reduces.
2) Consistency: thick and creamy in colour
3) I use it daily too and it still doesn't weigh the hair down.
Absorption: sinks in very quickly and doesn't weigh the hair down.
3) Smells good and does linger for a while. 4)Quantity: a little goes a long way! I really gauge it when pouring in order to control the quantity I use.
5)There are oils in it so I add just a little oil as a sealant.
6)Moisture: love it! It delivers on it's promise.

This has come to stay!


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