I Am Going To Be PJ With A Focus

I mean am going to purchase more products but with a focus, moisture.

It's no secret that the whole of this year, I have been hammering on moisturizing products given my unpleasant history with protein overload.

So what is my focus? Need I say more? Moisture based products!

*Queen Helene cholesterol- more moisture based than protein based-[bought] Will add 2 more jars.
**Herbal Essence Hello hydration conditioner;L'oreal elvive conditioner my Aussie is on its final leg.
*Honey; to add to my deep conditioners, for my face and in my diet.
*African Pride sheabutter miracle intense moisture leave in(1 bottle)[bought] will add 1 jar
*African Pride Anti breakage miracle moisturizing lotion.  (2 bottles)
* Creme of Nature Argan oil moisturizer(1 bottle)
*ORS hairepair shampoo
*Moroccan Argan oil
*Wheat germ oil and avocado oil(1 bottle each)
*BO 16 neutralizing Shampoo- cheap yet effective
**Keracare humecto (2 bottles)
**ORS hairepair nourishing conditioner
***Dark and Lovely amla legend rejuvenating mask( 2 bottles) it's that good!
***Lavender Jbco

A tall list I must confess but I don't wish to have empties before replacing them. Knowing what I want ahead of time reduces my chances of doing unnecessary purchases. Am spreading these over the months so I may have an adorable stash yet relevant to my regimen. I might be adding .more and they will all still be moisture based.


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