I Dyed My Hair With A Permanent Colour!

Oh, girls! Am going gaga with my hair lol.

What happened was I went to AnC mall to glance through the product aisle. In the course of that I picked up two dark and lovely products- a hair dye and a scalp wash.

Since I had taken down my cornrows I decided to wash.
However, the instructions on the dye said "apply on dry hair" and "shampoo after application". Well, I decided then that I can have my cake and eat it. I went over to my stylist who wore the glove that came in the pack. She parted the hair into four and applied the dye, covered with a conditioning cap and I went home to my baby.

After almost an hour, I rinsed the dye out, shampooed with ors hairepair invigorating shampoo[review on my channel www.youtube.com/EmprezzAbena]
My hair, at this point, felt too soft yet I wasn't concerned because I wanted to know how it would feel after it dried. I'd wanted to rollerset but my stylist wasn't available that's why I air dried.My hair didn't feel dry whatsoever after rinsing out the dye. That is the start of its claim of no dryness- let's see how it goes.
I followed up with a bit of queen Helene cholesterol whilst I showered.

I applied a new leave in- the African Pride sheabutter leave in[ will share in my product haul post this week], added my sealing oil mix and put the hair into flexi rod. Should I say my hair was moisturized or just extremely soft?

I pray I don't experience anything awful with this dye. I'll have an initial review up for you:).

I'm other news, am so glad I have reached a length where I can do flexi rods.

OK, I used the dark and lovely intensity permanent original black color.
If the flexi sets come out well, I'll update this post and also share on my facebook and my regimen pages.


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