My 4 Stretching Strategies

I think this is the first time I've really enjoyed my hair throughout the year without setbacks. All thanks to my simple wash routines and knowing what works for my hair.

Am currently 4 or 5 weeks post and with my previous stretches, I would plan what I'll be doing ahead of time only to fail and struggle with the stretch. The main cause I've realized is the lack of products that will help with combating dryness, tangles and styling options. I would put down an elaborate schedule for protective styles and what nots yet would still have a difficult stretch.

This time, my attention is on the kinds of products I will use and not so much styling because I get bored with extensions easily, I love to have my hair out rather than braided. Having accepted that there is a greater chance of me wearing my own hair, it's best I device ways of tackling my new growth.
Blow drying with cold air [thanks to Jen of Justgrowalready] stretches my new growth well so it's a route am willing to take. Plus, it's less time consuming for me compared to sitting under a hooded dryer!

Secondly, buns and ponytails will be the order of the day. If and when I can, I might do some curls. I will either weave up or braid in December.

Thirdly, detangling products are currently low in my stash; hopefully, the dark and lovely kids detangler I want to buy should do the trick. I've heard great stuff about tresemme conditioners having a lot of slip. My headache with that is those I've seen contain protein. Well, I don't have much protein based products in my routine; I might give it a try. Smoothing conditioner; I loved the l'oreal smoothing shampoo I used a year ago and I think the conditioner will give me the same effect. Herbal Essences hello hydration conditioner is also on the list.

Deep condition 2x a week. The smoothing conditioner and detangling conditioner will come in handy for mid week co wash and DC. Now, since I intend blow drying on wash days, that will mean using the cold air twice a week. I will work that out soon.

As you can see, nothing fancy. It's also easy for me to remember what I intend doing.

Let the stretch begin!


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