Night Routine For My Hair

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Hi ladies, I've got a few questions as regards my night routine for my hair. Am usually a minimalist when it comes to my night routine. By the time I get to bed, am sleepy and exhausted thus I can't spend too much time  on the hair.

[1]  What do you apply before bed time?  Sometimes, I apply moisturizer ie the African Pride olive miracle moisturizer lotion. Occasionally,I use  oil mix and cover with deep conditioning cap for green house effect or simply put on the satin cap.

[2] How do you style the hair? With long hair, I draw everything into a ponytail like style but pin with a bobby pin. For this short hair, I try to scope as much hair as possible into a ponytail.

[3] What do you do sleep on? I have two satin pillow cases as I use two pillows. However, since my baby arrived, I've slacked on using those satin pillow cases; I try to use the satin cap instead.

What is your night time routine?


  1. Lawrencia10:13 am

    for my night time routine, i spray a mixture of water, olive and jojoba oils on my hair and put on my satin scarf and head to bed i sometimes also use sheabutter after spritzing the mixture


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