Relaxer update: creme of nature straight from eden

What happened? I decided to postpone the transitioning because I couldn't resist seeing the box of creme of nature straight from eden! I'll always be honest.  I thought hard about it for a full day and by evening time, I decided to give in. I don't think I will regret it but I do know that when I start seeing my new growth again, I'll be back in the 'I wanna go natural zone'. To prevent that, I'll tuck the hair under a weave for the holiday season.

My usual stylist, Rose, did my hair and although I didn't intend to, she popped up just when I was going to a new stylist.  When she saw the hair, she was scared the permanent dye would cause the hair to break off. I assured her that since we didn't dye the new growth, my hair would be fine. Aside that, I wasn't to going to have the relaxer all over the hair so she should go ahead. I protected the already relaxed part with roux porosity control conditioner.

For this relaxer, I used the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden no lye relaxer. My review will up soon.

[1] To prevent burns, she based my edges and scalp with Bebe and Mama petroleum jelly. I bought this to use on my baby's bum bum but I've been using sheabutter instead so why not put it to another use???

[2]  The stylist sectioned the hair into six and started the application from the back.

[3] She smoothed with her fingers for about 10 minutes after which she rinsed with warm water. She, then, applied the neutralizing shampoo that came with the relaxer. It is stated on the shampoo bottle that the shampoo is sulfate free.

[4] Followed up with roux porosity control conditioner and left it to sit for about 10 minutes. It wasn't intended but knowing stylists, she was attending to another client. Smh

[5] Followed up with the  Conditioning treatment that came with the relaxer. She left it on for about 15 minutes

[6] She then applied African Pride sheabutter leave in and did  a roller set. It was at that point that she noticed some breakage around the left nape area, something we didn't notice during the wash days. I'm not really concerned because I can't bring that hair back but I can keep an eye on it as I continue using my sulphur oil.

Here's what my hair looks like now



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