Wash Day; Bangs and Bun Fail!

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Am now 8 weeks post relaxer and this wash day plan was to have some bangs and bun for an event. The beginning was ok but the end didn't work out too well:( . I went over to the salon as usual for the wash.

[1] Prepoo: I applied Kanechom chocolate for about 30 minutes. I love this prepoo treatment!

[2[ Herbal Rinse: After rinsing out the kanechom chocolate, the stylist applied the mixture of black tea, coffee and rosemary brewed together. She left it on for about a minute and rinsed it out

[3] Shampoo: She used the ORS invigorating shampoo to wash once

[4] Deep condition: Applied Queen Helene Cholesterol to the hair, covered with deep conditioning cap and sat under the hooded dryer for about 15 minutes. She allowed the hair to cool down before rinsing the product out

[5] Leave in/Styling: Applied African Pride leave in and blow dried on low heat. After which she added some ecostyler gel to the hair and created a bun with kanekolon hair. At the front, she attached about 3 pieces of weave for the bangs. She straightened the hair with one pass and glued the weave down.

I was really feeling this style until I got home. After a few turning on my pillow, the bun came off! Wow!!!! It was almost 10pm and there was no way I could get another style done. I just went to bed and hoped there wouldn't be a black out the next morning in order to do something about it. When I checked, the bun had only pins holding the bottom part; I think the stylist forgot to sew that part.

As plan B, I co washed the next morning with Aussie moist conditioner and lots of water. Followed up with African pride leave in and ORS vital oils. I allowed to air dry for a while before blow drying again on low heat with my Conair blow dryer. I did a small bun with my hair and a bang at the front again! lol.

At least that saved my hair for the event I was attending this morning.

On another note, I've started using the sulphur oil mix after procrastinating for weeks! My front edges still look horrible but I hope to see improvement by the middle of November.

As a result of the sulphur oil application, I'll be doing mid week co wash and instant deep conditioning if I can with the Dark and Lovely amla legend rejuvenating mask. After a few more uses, I'll do a video review of the mask.

How was your wash day? Hope yours ended well.


  1. Lawrencia8:49 pm

    lol...sorry about your bun...but I am glad you were able to save your hair for the day..i think your stylist should have used the all around the bun or rather sew it on like you said..please remind her next time to avoid this from happening again...i am picturing how your face was when the bun came off...lol


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