Wash Day; Bangs and Bun

I needed something sweet for a special event and because I don't want any tugging and pulling, I opted to use some kanekolon hair for a bun and my own hair for the bangs. How did it go?

At almost 9 weeks post relaxer, my hair doesn't seem to reflect two textures which is a plus. I'm guessing it's because of the nature of the texlaxed part which is almost like the natural hair. For this wash, I went to the salon again, I went to my stylist, Rose. I still don't have the energy nor time to do a whole day of washing hair lol.

1] Prepoo: Applied Kanechom chocolate and deep conditioned for who knows how long! I had to finish working out some stuff on the new site layout.

[2] Herbal Rinse: Coffee+black tea+rosemary rinse

[3] Shampoo: Rose used ORS invigorating shampoo to clean the hair

[4] Deep conditioning: Applied Queen helene cholesterol for about 30 minutes under a hooded dryer

[5]Applied African Pride sheabutter. When I touched my hair, it was sssssoft and smoothhhhhh! I guess light protein as a prepoo is a sealed deal. I will, however, alternate that with oil prepoo.
Blow dried, applied ecostyler gel on the hair and did a bun with extension. At the front, Rose added a bit of weave and bobbed the ends with a flatiron.





  1. Lawrencia11:30 am

    nice...u deep conditioned twice...was wondering why?

  2. nana baffoe5:21 pm

    de first deep condition was as a prepoo. Dats wat i think


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