Why I Won't Big Chop Ever Again!

I'm 100% certain that after my last chop, am never ever going to big chop again.Never Again(I my Trey Songz voice).
What is big chop to me?
*Any cut more than 1 inch.
Completely cutting every bit of my hair.
What I know is I want to hit mid back length!

I should have been by now. Am so tired of sabotaging my journey with my perfectionist attitude! I admit I always want the hair to be in what I deem to be better shape; it will appear to be healthy to someone though.

Whether natural or relaxed,I want my mid back length by 2016! Yep, I have set a time limit; I know it goes against the rule but that's one of the ways to keep myself from trimming and cutting off so much too frequently.

It's unfortunate that it's taken me this long to this realizations but hey, it's not too late.
If I weren't breastfeeding, I would have been back on my biotin or even tried mane choice for a year! Am looking at other ways I can sustain my length retention and hair growth so if you know of any, do share.


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