Co wash; horrible shedding

Between the last wash and this mid week co wash, the only new product I've introduced into my regimen is Cantu sheabutter argan oil. I got the hair cornrowed for my wig which was glued to it [not my first time of doing that].
I decided to take down the wig because it wasn't going fulfill its purpose till probably next week.wpid-img_20141126_192739.jpg

The take down went very smoothly so
I decided to co wash and do a full wash on Friday.
I went under the shower, put some VO5 conditioner on the hair and allowed the running water to pour on the hair with my head tilted backwards. [ hmmm a minute of silence for what happened next].

I detangled with a wide tooth comb and the hair that came out left me wide eyed! I was shocked, stunned, surprised, overwhelmed all at the same time!I still don't know how I feel about the shed hair I saw. Add 6 months of shed hair together and you will get what I mean. No, I'm not exaggerating; it was a nightmare I've NEVER experienced in all the 3 years I've been on a journey.
I did a coffee rinse and applied a huge amount of keracare humecto for about 30 minutes.
I've been under a lot of stress since the last wash day which I think might be the cause. Even when I skipped tea rinsing the last wash, my hair didn't shed.
I don't know if I will be able to wash as I intended because I'm still trying to process the whole saga.


  1. Sorry about your shedding. Could it have been the Cantu Argan oil? I can't imagine the horror you must have felt. Hope it stops as soon as possible.

  2. So sorry to hear about the shedding. Is it post-partum shedding? I would suggest continuing with your regimen with your staple and see if the shedding continues. It could also be something internal.

  3. abena5:11 am

    I hope so too

  4. Lawrencia7:10 pm

    awww sorry dear...its good to be adding new stuffs to your regimen but i think when you find a regimen that works for you, you should stick to it...hp you find a way to stop d shedding from happening again...more grease

  5. kuukua10:39 am

    when i tried co washing for the first time, i used african soap (alata samina ), together with vatika coconut oil. ive never used an actual conditioner before( well ive cowashed just twice). poor baby

  6. abena1:16 pm

    Omg! I can imagine the hard time you had.


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