Flexi Rods: Dry Or Wet Hair?

I've had my packs of flexi rods since 2011 I think and still can't seem to get the perfect finish.

[caption id="attachment_2139" align="aligncenter" width="225"]my flexi rod set my flexi rod set[/caption]

For me, I've attempted doing it on wet hair and it nearly destroyed my strands. I watery leave in but it didn't work. Breakage was at its peak! From trying to detangle the hair before rolling to the rolling itself becomes a nightmare for my hair. When I switched to creamy leave in, I thought it would work out well but that also failed. I still experienced breakage.

I, then, decided to play it safe and the flexi rod set on damp to almost dry hair. This has been the method I've become familiar with but that also doesn't give me the gorgeous look other ladies achieve.

, Share with me, I want to know. What do you do to achieve your results? What products do you use?


  1. I usually use a setting lotion and hooded dryer. It also depends on the arrangement of the rods. And the take down process.

  2. Lawrencia10:03 am

    i haven't started using flexi rods yet but from most of the videos ive watched i think you should try adding a bit of gel or a mousse...it gives great curl definition


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