Hair Moisturizer for harmattan

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I love my current hair moisturizer. I do love to use the African Pride olive moisturizer lotion but that is solely for days the weather is moist. With the harmattan, the air is virtually dry and dusty which sucks out moisture from the hair. I haven't been one to hide my hair in harmattan yet my hair thrives because I increase my moisturizing and sealing. The best method is to have a hair moisturizer that will provide the hair with the needed moisture.

This hair moisturizer is easy to prepare, works well for my hair and certainly, free lol.

The moisturizing mix products
* Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in

*African pride ssheabutter leave in

*African pride  moisturizer lotion

* A little  Coconut oil: since it is a penetrating oil, it will sink into the strands thus I don't use it as a sealant
*ORS hairepair oil : I use this to seal in the mixture after application.

At night, I apply cantu sheabutter argan oil leave in cream (trying out this product) and seal with ORS hairepair oils again before covering with satin bonnet (I've been diligent with moisturizing and sealing twice a day and using the satin bonnet). I do that routine right after taking my shower. Waiting till bed time doesn't work for me because I might either be too lazy, exhausted or simply forget to do it. It's been about a week since I started this routine and my hair loves me for it. I don't worry about build up because I co-wash mid week and clarify at least once a month.

\I don't have any protein product in the hair moisturizer due to the simple reason that I need maxim moisture and wash days will cater for protein treatments.


  1. Lawrencia7:16 pm

    thanks sooo much for the tips..was thinking of how to get my hair through this harmattan cuz am tired of doing a PS..i now have a fair idea of what to do...thanks

  2. kuukua10:27 am

    i think my hair felt the harmattan coming before i did, lol. it started to get relatively dry in a short while. thanks for this!

  3. Patricia Gaisie2:40 pm

    Thanks dear for the info, its as if u are enjoying ur hair paaaa

  4. miss maybel4:42 pm

    Wow i once used ors vitaoils as a moisturizing something :D instead of sealing no wonder my hair was as dry and crunchy as sand...good tips..

  5. nana baffoe4:26 pm

    i will try n hide de hair n MS daily,i think dat will help me

  6. Lawrencia9:54 am

    can i replace the coconut oil with jojoba oil?


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