Kinks,Curls,&Coils Event Give Away!

As I promised on my Facebook page, someone is in for a ''Christmas came early surprise!'' The Kinks, Curls, Coils Meet n Greet event is organized by Jay of Kinks& Koils. The  even is open to everyone-natural hair, relaxed hair, texlaxed hair, loced hair, transitioning to natural hair, twa, whether you are in braids, weaves or wigs! It's happening live at Paloma Hotel, ring road, circle from 10am-5pm sharp! You get to enjoy talks and tutorials on how to wash your own hair,do style, maintain your hair as well as win fabulous give aways and more. You know I'll be there live and coloured so don't miss out. To put a little icing on the cake, enter this give away and stand the chance of winning a gift voucher for a great time at afrocomb salon. That's right! See what's on the voucher?


[caption id="attachment_2419" align="aligncenter" width="620"]kinks, curls & coils give away kinks, curls & coils meet n greet[/caption]


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="524"]Kinks, curls & coils gift voucher Gift voucher[/caption]

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Please note that you will have to pick up the voucher on the day of KCC, otherwise it will be given away.


  1. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie8:40 am

    KCC - Kinks Curls & Coils

    The even is coming on at Paloma Hotel ring road Accra

    i would like Stella of Ghlonghair and Mira of Ms Direction GH to attend.

  2. KCC- Kinks,Curls and Coils
    The event is going to be at Paloma Hotel Ring Road
    I would like Sonia Boateng and Phyllis Tagoe to attend.

  3. Patricia Aikins-Giasie10:57 am

    KCC- Kinks,Curls and Coils
    The event is going to be at Paloma Hotel Ring Road circle-Accra.
    i would like Ruby Solomon and Theresa Wemaatu to attend.


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