My Sulphur Oil Mixture

I've finally prepared my homemade sulphur oil mix for my edges and overall hair growth. To prepare it, I used humco sulphur powder

[caption id="attachment_2130" align="aligncenter" width="225"]sulphur powder sulphur powder[/caption]


and for the oils,

***Jamaican black castor oil

**Black seed oil

**Hemp oil

**Almond oil

**ORS vital oils

**Eucalyptus essential oil- a few drops

**Virgin coconut oil

I didn't use any specific measure but the final results filled an 8oz bottle. I used even less than 1 teaspoon of sulphur powder in the oil for starts. If all goes well, I might use the 1 teaspoon for the 8oz. I use the sulphur oil mix daily at night before bed time, concentrating on the edges. Co washing is very easy for me to do so I'll keep the mid week co washing. What I can't guarantee is the weekly wash lol.

Have you tried sulpur oil before?


  1. Lawrencia11:26 am

    haven't tried it before but please do give us an update on whether it worked for you or not

  2. abena9:05 pm

    So far, some ladies who used it say they saw some good growth.

  3. nana baffoe7:43 am

    .i hv been using it daily for de past few weeks. And i like it. U can also try

  4. nana baffoe9:00 am

    i have started using mine. just some few weeks

  5. nana baffoe12:08 pm

    am loving mine


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