Wash day: perm rod set

Hi ladies,
I finally mustered courage to wash my hair after the last saga I had and ended up with perm rod set. Here's what I did
[1]  Prepoo: with nutiva virgin coconut oil for 2 hours which left my hair very soft.
[2] Shampoo: remember when I said I left some of the creme of nature straight from eden sulfate free shampoo that came with the relaxer? When I poured the content out, I had a spare shampoo by my side for fear it wouldn't be enough. Well, I was wrong! The so-called small quantity was more than enough to wash my hair! It is an amazing shampoo(I'll be looking out for it in the shops) I tell you no lie. That shampoo is fantabulous! My hair felt extremely soft and hydrated, smooth and silky.
[3] herbal rinse: I applied roux porosity control conditioner and followed up with coffee. I didn't rinse any of them out and topped up with deep conditioner.
[4] Deep condition: applied keracare humecto and left it for about 2 hours.
5] Styling: I went over to my stylist for perm rod set as I wanted something cute for Sunday.




No shedding: coffee rinsing might have helped with that.
I will keep off co washing till I grab a jar of the dark and lovely amla legend mask so I can do a mid week treatment. The harmattan will intensify in the coming months.
On a side note, am still diligent with my prenatal vitamins. I'm adjusting my fruits intake increase the biotin content in my diet in order to accelerate hair growth. I can't do anything about shedding; I can do something about speeding up growth.
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  1. Thank God the shedding stopped!!! Your hair came out so shiny!!

  2. Lawrencia7:05 pm

    LOVE the shine

  3. nana baffoe6:21 am

    is de coffee rinse optional, cos its makes my hair dry

  4. kuukua10:14 am

    is co washing really necessary? i read an article that was against co washing for natural hair.

  5. abena1:14 pm

    It's not necessary

  6. Patricia Gaisie2:23 pm

    Ur hair is very beautiful, is it relax bone straight or texlaxed?

  7. abena3:15 pm


  8. miss maybel2:28 pm

    Wow thats great! My tea rinses never went well when i was relaxed..i hv zero to non existent sheddin now that im natural but will still do da coffee rinse anyhow


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