Wash day with Shea moisture

The shea moisture cur and shine hibiscus and coconut shampoo. Since I discovered what works and doesn't work for me, I haven't worried about purchasing any product. Yes, I have finally reached the peak of my journey.
To start the wash, I prepooed with extra virgin coconut oil for about 5 hours. Actually, I'd wanted a salon wash but that didn't work out till later.
[2] Protein treatment: Kanechom chocolate which is out- well just about 5% remaining which I will use up soon. I'd wanted to do a coffee rinse but hadn't brewed it yet at that time so I postponed it to next wash.
[2] Shampoo: Shea moisture hibiscus and coconut shampoo once. One word to describe the hair after using this shampoo; awesome!
[3] Deep condition: Keracare humecto was applied and left on for about 3 hours. At that point, my stylist was in so I got a roller set.
I couldn't take pictures because I had no light :(
Verdict: I love the fact that the Shea moisture shampoo didn't disappoint me; it wowed me.
Now that the kanechom chocolate is almost out, I'm left with the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor to use up. I've given the queen Helene cholesterol out so I have the chance to get the ors replenishing conditioner which I've done already. When the aphogee is out, I will still be using keracare but the ors replenishing conditioner will be the main deep conditioner. I'll use VO5 conditioner and the Dark and Lovely amla legend mask for mid week co wash or instant deep conditioning.
Am so relieved that this year, my hair has been in a good place. All thanks to moisturizing products and short stretches. Anywhere from 9-12 weeks is OK for me.
I'm currently four weeks post relaxer. Can you believe that? My hair has been so manageable and moisturized to the point where the new growth stays soft all day long!
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  1. Glad you had a good wash day. I like the Shea Moisture shampoo that I have (Raw Shea Butter). I've heard good things about them. Have you tried any of their conditioners?

    Don't Touch The Hair

  2. abena5:13 am

    I'm looking at trying the raw sheabutter conditioner since the coconut and hibiscus one has protein in it.

  3. Lawrencia7:01 pm

    nice...i've read a lot of reviews on shea moisture products..will be giing it a try soon to see how it works on my hair..hopn i'll also have a good wash day just like you did..fingers crossed.

  4. Patricia Gaisie2:28 pm

    Am glad u had a nice wash day, I wish u all the best. Ur hair too is responding paaaaa


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