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January Inversion day 6

Hang in there. Yesterday, I decided to skip the inversion because I was totally exhausted and my body ached upon the slightest touch!
I preferred not to do anything that could make me feel even more sick.
Anyways, today, I'll invert as I'm better.
How are you doing?

The One Goal Project

The Ghanaian ladies are familiar with the one goal project of the black stars lol. The one goal project is a term coined by Ghanaians to describe how the black stars sail through their matches with just a goal, sometimes winning with that one goal.
My one goal project is more of achieving one goal per month for the rest of the year.
The consistent use of jbco has definitely helped restore my edges. It's something I was determined to succeed at doing thus I have been diligent in using jbco frequently. This January, the goal was to use jbco as a sealant and I must say that I didn't find it a problem applying it like that. I'll have a full update next week in the #letsgrowth2015 challenge check in.
Two years ago, I had monthly goals and though I didn't stick to them all the time, fulfilling one goal was still worth it. I want to go back to that but this time, I want to target one goal. At the end of the year,  the 12 goals will be worth it so let's get going! I'll sh…

Update: I killed my protective style to save my edges + Wash day!

If you don't know which protective style, click on this link crotchet braid. Whilst taking pictures of my hair tucked away under a scarf, I noticed the white bulbs popping up beneath the cornrows of the crotchet braids. Experience has taught me to know that those white bulbs are a sign of strain on the hair as a result of the pulling and tucking that I've been doing since I returned from my holidays. Accra is extremely hot and the only way to keep that style is to keep it off my neck. Oh! I miss the harmattan in Tamale which made wearing the crotchet very exciting! #comebackharmattan #ilovecoldweather. If I were still in Tamale, I'm sure I wouldn't have tucked the hair away. However, after seeing progress with my edges thanks to 'Time' and jbco, I wasn't going to continue putting stress on the fragile front. I kept the extension I removed  down for occasional buns-always recycle.

I've not been well as it seems my tummy is adjusting to a change in the wat…

4 weeks post relaxer, shedding update, protective styles.

I'm now four weeks post relaxer and though I could feel the new growth by the second week, I've not been diligent with my prenatals though and I have a lot going on and my hair isn't a priority. Smh. I've dedicated the coming weeks to finishing up the prenatal vitamins.

Since I started my hair journey, I've never been this worried and concerned about  the health of my hair. With health comes length yet with this shedding thing going on, health hasn't been part of my hair story for some weeks now.

I've done all I said I'll be doing yet the shedding isn't abating. It's an internal issue yet because I'm exclusively breastfeeding, taking hair vitamins have been a  thorny idea. My baby will be starting solids in a few days time and though I so much want to take hair vitamins, the only safe one I think  about is the mane choice. However, I can't afford to buy single bottles monthly. Buying 6 months supply is a better option but my financial ob…

Crotchet braid to end the harmattan

Well, I got bored with styling my hair daily so I opted for an elegant yet inexpensive protective style- crotchet with kanekolon hair.

I went with my two crotchet pins and taught the hair dresser what to do. The hair turned out so much prettier than the first crotchet I did. The hair used was Obaa Sima as compared to the Outre I used the first time. This hair was smooth and light so the hair wasn't puffy. I used one and half pack; the cornrow was painless! One thing I've noticed with the Tamale stylists I've visited is they know how to make their client comfortable. I didn't experience pain in general. The pain I felt was at the initial stage when she was trying to get the pin out of the cornrow. After she mastered that, it was smooth sailing. We took about 2 hours from start to finish. Her apprentices were pretty excited to have learnt a new hair style.
I'll curl the hair later on but for now, I'm enjoying the fake length lol.

Moisturizing and Sealing with Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hi ladies, it's been a roller coaster beginning for my year and things aren't slowing down any time soon. Pardon me in advance for any disappearing act I'll be springing on you every now and then.
Mini Challenge
Well, I nearly missed the first mini challenge of the #letsgrow2015 challenge due to a busy schedule but thanks to bookmarks and bloglovin, I caught up with my favorite blogs. The mini challenge as you can see from the picture is basically about trying something new. I chanced upon a thread on a forum about using Jamaican black castor oil as a sealant. I know most ladies are conversant with jbco as a growth aid; I use it on my edges daily to regrow those non existing edges. However, due to its thickness, some ladies have found it to be very effective in sealing in moisture. Though I use sheabutter, I find that I need to seal twice a day which leads to more build up. When I saw the positive responses about jbco as a sealant, I decided to give it a try. The ladies a…

5 Ways to boost hair growth

This is to all my new readers who send me complaints about their hair not growing.

The only time hair doesn't grow is when you pass away or you have some health complications that may affect your hair growth. This has been my response to those who used to tell me my hair won't grow because I cut it all off. In fact, some have told me hair doesn't like to be cut. It will get offended and refuse to grow. Talk about Ghanaian beliefs!
If you think like that, you have been misled. Our hair grows though at different rates. Some may genetically be gifted with an inch a month whilst others might be a quarter of an inch.
If you think your hair isn't growing, you may try the following:
1. See a doctor: I have a care free spirit so doctors don't intimidate me. Go to the hospital, tell the nurse you want to see a specialist for your scalp issues. You may even try your regular doctor. The necessary tests will be done to rule out underlying medical conditions. Some medical condition…

Co wash on a cold harmattan night

Hi peeps!
I'm still enjoying my visit to the North. My regimen has been working extremely well since I ceased being lazy. My hair is in a good place now which is a prove that you can wear your own hair during harmattan and still have fabulous hair.

Anyways, Yesterday, I attempted something I was afraid to do due to the cold weather.
** I co washed with Suave coconut conditioner.I don't why I wasn't bold enough to co wash before then.
**The trick is to use tepid water to rinse.
I really love how my hair felt soft, smooth after using the suave coconut conditioner. Unfortunately, it's my mom's so I have to get my own.
I wrapped the hair in a towel till the hair was dry- it's not safe to go to bed with wet hair in this weather. Today, I applied my moisture mix and sealed with sheabutter.
Verdict: I look forward to more awesomeness from my hair. I'll co wash again next week.

How to use deep conditioners on relaxed hair

Read about  how to use shampoos on relaxed hair here.
From shampooing, the next thing you can do is either do a hair rinse or deep condition. [See how to do hair rinse on relaxed hair here].
For me, I have both protein deep conditioners and moisturizing deep conditioners. Most often, when people use protein deep conditioners, they refer to it as " protein treatment".
With protein deep conditioners, we have light, medium and hard protein. Light protein deep conditioners include my Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. I've also used ORS replenishing conditioner. I use light protein deep conditioners because my hair is protein sensitive. It means when I apply protein more than once a week, I'll experience dry, brittle and breaking hair. I learnt this from experience and since then, I've stuck to only light protein products. Most people consider a light protein to be when the protein is at the bottom of the ingredient list. Medium is when the protein is at the middle and ha…

20 Weeks Stretch; week 1

We are entering in the first week of the #20weeksstretch (Jan 4-10). There are about 10 ladies participating in this challenge.
If you want to partake in it, simply provide updates about your stretch regularly either on the Facebook page, tag me on instagram @ghanaianemprezz or whatsapp group.

To increase hair growth, we are incorporating fruits in our diet every week.
For this week, these are the options:
Fruit for the week, Jan 4-10:
One large pineapple for the week OR
3 oranges for the week
OR 5 alansa for the week at least.
You have to choose one but you can use all if you want.
I'm going for oranges. It's interesting to me because I'm not a fan of that fruit yet for it's benefits, I will take it. I take vitamin c supplement regularly so this is a boost for me.

Wash day with ginseng

I didn't intend doing my own wash as the weather is too cold for airdrying. However, after moisturizing & sealing this morning, my hair felt too tacky and weighed down. That's to be expected since I've been doing heavy duty moisturizing and sealing daily with sheabutter.
**I used tepid water to rinse the hair before using a ginseng shampoo three times. The first application did nothing; my hair just laughed at it. The second and third use gave me the squeaky clean hair I wanted. I squeezed out excess water.
**Applied Dark and lovely amla legend mask.
I towel dried because the last thing I need is to make my cold worse with wet hair. My hair dried within a few minutes( harmattan wind at work).
Applied my leave in mix and sealed with sheabutter.
Side Notes: I saw about just 10 strands during detangling which is fabuloussss! It could be because I've been taking my mom's special tea- it has garlic, ginger and prekese(   ) in it. It can also be that my prenatals are work…

How To Reduce Hair Breakage

For December 29th, 2014-2nd January, 2015.
I know I've attempted sharing my daily routines with you though not successfully. I'm giving this a go again but instead of daily round up, I'll put everything into one post. It's unfair to come up here once a week to share how I washed my hair yet not show my day-to-day activities. Although I don't do much in the course of the week, the little I do adds up to the success or otherwise of my wash days. Therefore, I'll do my best to bring a weekly summary of my routines every Friday.

During this week,I kicked myself into being proactive with reducing breakage. As a result of my negligence, my hair has really broken off at the nape and sides. To curb further setbacks, I downloaded a reminder app from Google play store. I have reminders for morning and night routines. Jbco application is morning and night, moisturizing and sealing is also twice a day and taking my vitamins is nightly. Throughout the week, I've stuck to…

Welcome 2015:-) Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all my lovely readers.

It's my prayer that we'll go through our resolutions for the year successfully. May we achieve our hair, and life goals in Jesus' name. Amen.

I have some awesome packages for you this year so don't miss a post. Have you joined the 20 weeks stretch challenge? Let's grow our hair long and healthy!