20 Weeks Stretch; week 1

We are entering in the first week of the #20weeksstretch (Jan 4-10). There are about 10 ladies participating in this challenge.
If you want to partake in it, simply provide updates about your stretch regularly either on the Facebook page, tag me on instagram @ghanaianemprezz or whatsapp group.

To increase hair growth, we are incorporating fruits in our diet every week.
For this week, these are the options:
Fruit for the week, Jan 4-10:
One large pineapple for the week OR
3 oranges for the week
OR 5 alansa for the week at least.
You have to choose one but you can use all if you want.
I'm going for oranges. It's interesting to me because I'm not a fan of that fruit yet for it's benefits, I will take it. I take vitamin c supplement regularly so this is a boost for me.


  1. Lawrencia9:40 pm

    feeling sad not participating

  2. nana baffoe12:33 pm

    its not for only relaxed pple

  3. nana baffoe12:35 pm

    is it?


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