4 weeks post relaxer, shedding update, protective styles.

I'm now four weeks post relaxer and though I could feel the new growth by the second week, I've not been diligent with my prenatals though and I have a lot going on and my hair isn't a priority. Smh. I've dedicated the coming weeks to finishing up the prenatal vitamins.

Since I started my hair journey, I've never been this worried and concerned about  the health of my hair. With health comes length yet with this shedding thing going on, health hasn't been part of my hair story for some weeks now.

I've done all I said I'll be doing yet the shedding isn't abating. It's an internal issue yet because I'm exclusively breastfeeding, taking hair vitamins have been a  thorny idea. My baby will be starting solids in a few days time and though I so much want to take hair vitamins, the only safe one I think  about is the mane choice. However, I can't afford to buy single bottles monthly. Buying 6 months supply is a better option but my financial obligations won't permit me to do so now.

I know there are cheaper yet effective hair vitamins I can purchase but the health of my baby is my priority. Even on solid foods, he will still be breastfeeding and I don't know how those vitamins will impact his development. I'm really at a point where treating the shedding through internal means is the most viable option. I've been looking at 1000mcg biotin 2x a day in addition to the prenatal vitamins  or perfectil hair, skin and nails vitamins without the prenatal vitamins. There is also groganics vitamins.

Because I wear my own hair out most often, the shedding has taken a toll on the length too. The downside is that even hiding the hair doesn't make the shedding go away so there's no style to curb that.

What I do plan to do is to fall on my reminder app to stick to the following schedule till the end of the 20 weeks relaxer stretch. From now till 13th February, keep the crotchet braid.

Wash and wear the hair out for 3 days and Twist my own hair up and wear wigs till end of March. I'll redo the twists if need be. That's a good way of avoiding boredom with the wigs whilst letting me see my own hair too rather than being tucked away in cornrows. Cornrows make me itch to see my hair as soon as I think of the word cornrows. Just like that thought of weaves and braids with extensions make me want to take them down asap to handle my own hair again. I don't know why I forgot of that twist style. I get to wash the hair if I wish to which is part of the reason my extensions don't last as I tend to miss wash days with my own hair.

Even keeping the twists for two weeks at a time will benefit the hair. Let's see how the  hair responds to this  regimen.

I'll update you on the next plan when this one ends.

On a sad note, I say catch you later.


  1. Patricia Aikins -Gaisie12:35 pm

    aaaaaaaawwwww soo sorry about your shedding, but you have a great regimen.Am also doing wigs till end of February, where i will decide what to do next. I want to care for my hair even in my protective styles, som the common styles will do. Thanks for sharing

  2. kuukua12:08 pm

    Sorry Abena. I've never owned a wig, but after this semester I plan on wigging it out at home.


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