5 Ways to boost hair growth

This is to all my new readers who send me complaints about their hair not growing.

The only time hair doesn't grow is when you pass away or you have some health complications that may affect your hair growth. This has been my response to those who used to tell me my hair won't grow because I cut it all off. In fact, some have told me hair doesn't like to be cut. It will get offended and refuse to grow. Talk about Ghanaian beliefs!
If you think like that, you have been misled. Our hair grows though at different rates. Some may genetically be gifted with an inch a month whilst others might be a quarter of an inch.
If you think your hair isn't growing, you may try the following:
1. See a doctor: I have a care free spirit so doctors don't intimidate me. Go to the hospital, tell the nurse you want to see a specialist for your scalp issues. You may even try your regular doctor. The necessary tests will be done to rule out underlying medical conditions. Some medical conditions can retard your hair growth so once that is dealt with, your hair will be back on track. For example, when I begin to feel exhausted and weak very often, I know I've slacked on taking supplements. I've supplements I'm supposed to take to prevent this from occurring. Once my body is sick, I know it affects my hair growth. For this reason, I'm not surprised when I get an increase in hair growth again once I stick to my supplements. Something as tiny as folic acid can change my story.
2. Hair supplements: Biotin, hair skin and nails vitamins are available. You may also use multivitamins. Sometimes, the body needs the extra boost. I've tried biotin with positive results. Now, I take pregnacare plus prenatal vitaminsvitamins and that also helps with hair growth.
3. Smoothie: why not try some smoothie or fruit salad combo and see how your body and hair responds? The vitamins in these fruits do help to increase growth as the body becomes healthy.
4. Increase your water intake: a dehydrated body cannot function properly which can staunt your hair growth. Try to take at least 6 packs of the 500ml sachet of water(pure water) to hydrate your body.
5. Keep your scalp healthy and scalp. Fungus and bacterial infections on the scalp can inhibit hair growth thus products like Jamaican black castor oil can help combat these infections. Contrary to popular belief, dirty hair doesn't increase hair growth, it inhibits it.
I trust that at least one of these might work for you.


  1. Thanks for the tips!

    I LOLed at if you cut your hair it becomes offended and refuses to grow. lmao!

  2. kuukua11:04 am

    lool I used to believe the one about dirty hair growing faster. Great tips!

  3. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie9:57 am

    Thanks for the information, am seriously sticking with water in take and it has started well for me.I take hair, skin & nails vitamins to.but like u said a clean scalp is best for hair growth


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