Co wash on a cold harmattan night

Hi peeps!
I'm still enjoying my visit to the North. My regimen has been working extremely well since I ceased being lazy. My hair is in a good place now which is a prove that you can wear your own hair during harmattan and still have fabulous hair.


Anyways, Yesterday, I attempted something I was afraid to do due to the cold weather.
** I co washed with Suave coconut conditioner.I don't why I wasn't bold enough to co wash before then.
**The trick is to use tepid water to rinse.
I really love how my hair felt soft, smooth after using the suave coconut conditioner. Unfortunately, it's my mom's so I have to get my own.
I wrapped the hair in a towel till the hair was dry- it's not safe to go to bed with wet hair in this weather. Today, I applied my moisture mix and sealed with sheabutter.
Verdict: I look forward to more awesomeness from my hair. I'll co wash again next week.


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