How to use deep conditioners on relaxed hair

Read about  how to use shampoos on relaxed hair here.
From shampooing, the next thing you can do is either do a hair rinse or deep condition. [See how to do hair rinse on relaxed hair here].
For me, I have both protein deep conditioners and moisturizing deep conditioners. Most often, when people use protein deep conditioners, they refer to it as " protein treatment".
With protein deep conditioners, we have light, medium and hard protein. Light protein deep conditioners include my Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. I've also used ORS replenishing conditioner. I use light protein deep conditioners because my hair is protein sensitive. It means when I apply protein more than once a week, I'll experience dry, brittle and breaking hair. I learnt this from experience and since then, I've stuck to only light protein products. Most people consider a light protein to be when the protein is at the bottom of the ingredient list. Medium is when the protein is at the middle and hard if the protein is part of the first five ingredients.
I've used ORS hair mayonnaise which is a medium protein and raw eggs as hard protein( which I won't be using ever again- see the reason here).
How I use my protein DC
I use it a week before relaxing to fortify the hair against the loss of protein during the relaxer process.
Secondly, after rinsing out the relaxer, I use the protein DC before neutralizing. Neutralizing closes the cuticles thus applying the protein deep conditioner before neutralizing will penetrate the strands better. This restores the protein lost as a result of the relaxer.
Thirdly, I use protein deep conditioners at most once a month to keep a balance. Too much moisture is also bad for the hair.


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