Moisturizing and Sealing with Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hi ladies, it's been a roller coaster beginning for my year and things aren't slowing down any time soon. Pardon me in advance for any disappearing act I'll be springing on you every now and then.
Mini Challenge
Well, I nearly missed the first mini challenge of the #letsgrow2015 challenge due to a busy schedule but thanks to bookmarks and bloglovin, I caught up with my favorite blogs. The mini challenge as you can see from the picture is basically about trying something new. I chanced upon a thread on a forum about using Jamaican black castor oil as a sealant. I know most ladies are conversant with jbco as a growth aid; I use it on my edges daily to regrow those non existing edges. However, due to its thickness, some ladies have found it to be very effective in sealing in moisture. Though I use sheabutter, I find that I need to seal twice a day which leads to more build up. When I saw the positive responses about jbco as a sealant, I decided to give it a try. The ladies all attested too the fact that there was no need to moisturize and seal for another 3 days!

This week, I have used my Jamaican black castor oil once on my hair after applying leave in after washing my hair. The ladies recommend using only water for subsequent moisturizing so that's what I'll be doing. If that doesn't work, I'll keep using the leave in mix before applying the jbco.
I made sure to use a small amount in order not to have the hair feeling sticky since jbco is very thick. I'm going to also add regular castor oil to my coconut oil for prepoo like I did back in 2012. That helped to keep breakage at bay.

Thus for the rest of January, this will be my moisturizing and sealing routine:
** Part hair into small sections
** Apply water and seal with the jbco
** Tie down the hair with scarf for the night.
I'll give you a full report on how things turn out at the end of the month.
Hair update
I'm currently 2 weeks post relaxer and I can feel my new growth already. 18 weeks more to go!
For this wash day, I
1. Applied ginseng shampoo twice and rinsed it out with tepid water.
2. Applied Dark and lovely amla legend mask and rinsed it out with lukewarm water again.
3. Allowed to air dry for some time, applied leave in and sealed with jbco.
My hair hasn't been dry ever since I paid close attention to moisturizing and sealing twice daily. The short and broken off parts have been soft and smooth so no more breakage at the nape. As usual, harmattan isn't a problem if you know how to care for your hair properly.
How is your hair doing?


  1. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie12:47 am

    Thanks for the tips, I took off my weave and after washing and deep condition applied my African pride moisturizing leave-in then seal with GBCO. I love the feeling

  2. kuukua4:24 am

    I'm currently in twists so I moisturise every morning and evening with water, my oil mixture and a moisturiser am in my spritz bottle. I then use mgl shea butter and coconut oil, after which I seal with castor oil. I'm yet to try jbco though.


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