The One Goal Project

The Ghanaian ladies are familiar with the one goal project of the black stars lol. The one goal project is a term coined by Ghanaians to describe how the black stars sail through their matches with just a goal, sometimes winning with that one goal.
My one goal project is more of achieving one goal per month for the rest of the year.
The consistent use of jbco has definitely helped restore my edges. It's something I was determined to succeed at doing thus I have been diligent in using jbco frequently. This January, the goal was to use jbco as a sealant and I must say that I didn't find it a problem applying it like that. I'll have a full update next week in the #letsgrowth2015 challenge check in.
Two years ago, I had monthly goals and though I didn't stick to them all the time, fulfilling one goal was still worth it. I want to go back to that but this time, I want to target one goal. At the end of the year,  the 12 goals will be worth it so let's get going! I'll share each month's goal at the beginning of the month. If you wish to join me, I'll be grateful as it will be a way of keeping me on track.

The two long term goals are Shoulder length by March and Armpit length by December.
However, the ultimate goal is something I've wrapped up to be revealed on the fourth anniversary of this blog.


  1. Patricia Aikins -Gaisie10:47 am

    This a goal i must join. My goal is to do the inversion method this year and i want want to be fully APL by December, Please i cant wait to share this goal or walk hand-in-hand with you

  2. kuukua11:45 am

    My main goals this year will definitely be to keep my fingers away from my hair Lol, to take my vitamins religiously, using my fingers to detangle and to try using shampoo just twice a month. I'm working towards trying the cowash next month when I take off my protective style. I'm definitely joining the goal a month journey!


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