How To Reduce Hair Breakage

For December 29th, 2014-2nd January, 2015.
I know I've attempted sharing my daily routines with you though not successfully. I'm giving this a go again but instead of daily round up, I'll put everything into one post. It's unfair to come up here once a week to share how I washed my hair yet not show my day-to-day activities. Although I don't do much in the course of the week, the little I do adds up to the success or otherwise of my wash days. Therefore, I'll do my best to bring a weekly summary of my routines every Friday.

During this week,I kicked myself into being proactive with reducing breakage. As a result of my negligence, my hair has really broken off at the nape and sides. To curb further setbacks, I downloaded a reminder app from Google play store. I have reminders for morning and night routines. Jbco application is morning and night, moisturizing and sealing is also twice a day and taking my vitamins is nightly. Throughout the week, I've stuck to the schedule and my hair is back on track. I haven't seen broken hair in my comb since I started. The hair is also well moisturized and the ends have been tucked in a small bun daily. I take down the bun, moisturize and seal and put it back again loosely for the night. I've also been able to do two green house effect and I loved how my hair was the next morning.

I want to repeat the routine in the coming week. Don't miss next week's update! Also, "like" our Facebook page to see daily updates.

This year, I know I won't be doing a lot of hairstyles frequently; buns and tucks are here to stay. Occasionally, I'll do perm rod set or flexi rod set( will be adding new ones so I can get better results). I will be using the salon regularly till possibly the end of the first quarter of the year. I'll still put in some home washing if I can.

How has your week been?


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