Update: I killed my protective style to save my edges + Wash day!

If you don't know which protective style, click on this link crotchet braid. Whilst taking pictures of my hair tucked away under a scarf, I noticed the white bulbs popping up beneath the cornrows of the crotchet braids. Experience has taught me to know that those white bulbs are a sign of strain on the hair as a result of the pulling and tucking that I've been doing since I returned from my holidays. Accra is extremely hot and the only way to keep that style is to keep it off my neck. Oh! I miss the harmattan in Tamale which made wearing the crotchet very exciting! #comebackharmattan #ilovecoldweather. If I were still in Tamale, I'm sure I wouldn't have tucked the hair away. However, after seeing progress with my edges thanks to 'Time' and jbco, I wasn't going to continue putting stress on the fragile front. I kept the extension I removed  down for occasional buns-always recycle.

I've not been well as it seems my tummy is adjusting to a change in the water I drink. All these so-called pure waters and their shenanigans! I didn't want to wash but since I have the dark and lovely amla legend mask, plus doing a facial treatment during my shower, I chipped in the wash.

--I poured a handful of ORS aloe shampoo and lathered thoroughly; I haven't clarified nor chelated in weeks.

--I towel dried the hair for some seconds to get rid of excess water and applied the dark and lovely amla legend mask (I've used this enough to give you a full review so stay tuned for that). I left it whilst I took my shower. I'm currently air drying and will be applying the African Pride sheabutter leave in and seal with ORS hairepair vital oil ( I owe you reviews of these two products).

I'm going to add biotin to my prenatal vitamins starting next month and see how the hair responds.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="623"]top: My wet hair; down is the edges I don't know why my hair looks reddish at the top. My edges are creeping in slowly but steadily so I don't want to jeopardize this progress.[/caption]



  1. Patricia Aikins -Gaisie11:09 am

    hahahahahahaha nice, your protective styles don't actually last. But your edges are thankful to for feeding them with JBCO

  2. kuukua11:36 am

    Must love castor oil Lol. Your edges are really filling in well.


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